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A Look at the NEB-OT

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A reviewer of the New English Bible (NEB) is inclined to compare this text with that of the 18-year-old Revised Version (RSV) and the new Jerusalem Bible. Before he compares these three versions, he needs to note the difference in backgrounds in each case. The RSV is, of course, not a new translation, but as the name indicates, it is a revision of the old King James Version. Its purpose is to bring the Authorized Version up-to-date, modernizing words and phrases that might not be intelligible to the reader of the 20th century.


Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion

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Genesis 19:31; Genesis 24:15, 45; Genesis 3:8; Genesis 4:7; Genesis 5:9; Genesis 10:2-11:26; 1 Chronicles 1:5-27; Genesis 8:21; Genesis 38:19;

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