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God's secret plan, ephesians, christians, enlightenment, mystery, resurrection

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In our previous study we attempted to depict the content of God's secret plan and the structure of what we chose to call the overture to Ephesians (1:3-14). We noted how the opening verses of this epistle anchored the "mystery of God's will" in Christ as the manifestation of the divine purpose at work in history. We referred to this intent as a "secret," partly because there was a time at which the final purpose of God's activity had not yet been revealed. Now it is an open secret. It was made known first to the apostles and then, by their word, to each generation of Christians, now also to us. Yet a certain hiddenness remains in God's redemptive activity. Its movement and its effects are open only to the eyes of faith. For this reason the author of Ephesians chose the word "mystery" as his term for the plan God has for the universe.


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