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Erasmus the Exegete

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Erasmus appears everywhere in the theological controversies of the 16th century. Discovery in 1506 of his beloved Lorenzo Valla's New Testament Notes encouraged Erasmus to continue the task of editing, annotating, and paraphrasing the New Testament. Whatever can be said about Erasmus, his dedication to this task has earned the gratitude of generations of Christians. His latest encomium is Erasmus of Christendom. An analysis of Erasmus’ devotion to New Testament study adds depth and breadth to the philosophy of Christ. Heirs of the 16th century should ponder the life work of Erasmus in this 500th anniversary of his birth. In his devotion to the sources of the Christian faith one will find all of Erasmus.


History of Christianity

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Luke 3:3; Luke 2:43; John 1:28; Luke 1:1-4; John 1:1; Hebrews 2:7;

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