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We in the American Lutheran Church hope and pray that The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in Denver will take that step which is necessary for full altar and pulpit fellowship with the American Lutheran Church. As we understand it, you have already decided in convention assembled that the basis for such fellowship exists, but you must take this one more step. We are all acquainted with the complexities of American Lutheranism in the last hundred years, and we all know some of the misunderstandings and some of the real disagreements which have been among us in the decades of the past. But it is our view that the time has come to put some of the past to honored rest. Some of those controversies, some of those great personalities, some of those real concerns belong to the past. We must live in this generation as God has led us to live, and we must work and organize and recognize one another in the ways in which He has shown us for our time.


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Matthew 9:6; 2 Timothy 4:1;

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