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A layman writes to the Lutheran of October 6, 1932: ''Have enjoyed the series of four articles on 'Lutheran Union' as presented from four different viewpoints. However, your editorial remarks concerning the above were quite disappointing to me in as far as you do not seem to like 'free conferences.' How will we Lutherans ever get together if we refuse to confer with one another? Surely a free conference is a good beginning. Differences will crop out of course, but must be honestly faced by all. We Lutherans cannot unite by ignoring real differences. A mere church-government union will not suffice. It might be best if all parties that differ would confer and draw up a statement of faith based on the Bible in harmony with the accepted Confessions, and the same could eventually be used as a working basis for future 'Lutheran unity' and then 'Lutheran union.'"


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1 Peter 3:19; 1 Timothy 2:4;

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