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No other social institution can begin to compete with marriage as a subject of ethical concern and reflection on all levels and in all periods of Biblical thought (for example, the opening chapters of Genesis, specific regulatory injunctions in the Torah, the ethical message of the prophets, wisdom literature - both canonical and extracanonical, the Sermon on the Mount, the Tables of Duties in Paul and Peter). Equally important for a study of marriage are the varying patterns of marital and familial life reflected in passing references and allusions in historical accounts (for example, the patriarchal family history, the chronicles of the royal families in Israel, warnings against miscegenation in the prophets, familial relationships in the infancy narratives of Luke and Matthew, numerous references to homes and families in the Gospels and Acts, family greetings in the Pauline Epistles). Of crucial importance for a theological understanding of marriage are the constant references to the typological significance of marriage as a paradigm of the relationship of God and His Messiah with the divine people (for example, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Hosea, the kingdom parables of Jesus, Ephesians, Revelation).


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1 Corinthians 6:12-7:16;

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