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matin luther, thomas more, gibson, bugenhagen, wittenberg, kronenberg, henry viii, lutherans, sullivan

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A man for all seasons" was also a polemicist, although this is not generally noted. Some of Thomas More's biographers, writers about the relationships between Henry VIII and Martin Luther, one biographer of Luther, and a few scholars about the 16th century,. have told in some detail the story about the relations between More and Luther. Only Sister Gertrude Donnelly investigated these relations comprehensively. One can learn something about some aspects of these relations from secondary sources, although the accounts may be distorted. Sometimes reference is made to the polemic More wrote against Bugenhagen. No writer seems to have noticed, or at least has not thought it worthwhile mentioning, that More never wrote against the Wittenberg humanist, Philipp Melanchthon. The present investigation is an attempt to summarize the relations between Thomas More and the Wittenberg Lutherans, not, however, including More's attacks against his countrymen who were in Wittenberg, William Tyndale and Robert Barnes.


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