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In 1947, when the rebuilding of a Europe ravaged by world war had only begun, a classical study of Thomas Müntzer appeared in Russia by the eminent historian, Moisei Mendelevich Smirin, entitled Nordnaja reformazija T. Mjunzera I welikaja krestjanskaja wojna. Five years later it was translated into German, and in 1956 it was enlarged and rcvised. Smirin's effort earncd him not only the Stalin prize, second class, but also acceptance as the "orthodox voice" in the confirmation of the Müntzer legend. Friedrich Engels in 1850 had baptized Münrzer's role in the German Reformation in the pure mainstream of Marxist history. Disciples of Marx, representing varied degrees of commitment, continued the Müntzerian hagiography: August Bebel, Karl Kautsky, Franz Mehring and Ernst Bloch.


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