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In his penetrating article "'The Ending of Mark and the Gospel's Shift in Eschatology" Herman Waetjen argues for the original termination at Mark 16:8: Throughout the gospel Jesus has been the hidden Messiah. In exorcisms he has forbidden the demons to speak. Those who were cured by him in Galilee were ordered not to mention a word of it to anyone. No one was to know until the Son of Man was glorified and the Kingdom had come in power (9:1). Now, finally, the command is given, "Go and tell." But the women said nothing to anyone, for they were afraid. From beginning to end the secret is hidden. Jesus in his self-revelation remains concealed. The Marcan gospel can indeed be called "ein Buch der geheimen Epiphanien."


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Mark 9:1; Mark 1:45; Mark 16:7; Mark 1:14; Mark 4:1; Mark 4:34; Mark 8:31; Mark 16:1-8; Mark 1:44; Mark 9:9; Mark 14:71; Mark 8:30;

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