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As a church body of Lutheran Christians, The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod is properly interested in all of Christendom and naturally, therefore, also in all of Lutheranism.

This interest is necessarily extended to The Lutheran World Federation, the worldwide Lutheran federation that involves member churches of more than 50 million Lutheran Christians. Such interest has been manifested by The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in various ways: by receiving official reports from special synodical committees, as well as its Doctrinal Unity Committee, and the Commission on Theology and Church Relations; also by convention resolutions (see synodical Proceedings from 1953 through 1965); and, in response to invitation, by sending official observers to the assemblies of The Lutheran World Federation. In addition, theologians and church administrators have from time to time collaborated, by invitation, with commissions and committees of The Lutheran World Federation in service, research, and study projects and have published articles in the Federation's quarterly, The Lutheran World.


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