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tensions, christian church, teaching, social work, social activity, civil, evangelical, interchurch, jungkuntz

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In the lead article in this issue, Richard Jungkuntz asserts that a primary concern underlying all Christian activity is "the teaching of the truth." This is true, he insists, nor only when Christians are specifically engaged in the formal teaching of the content of Holy Scripture; it is equally true when Christians concern themselves with matters in "the field of social concern, civil rights, interchurch relations, and others besides.'" His essay goes on not only to provide examples of tensions which arise in the church as it exercises its primary concern but also to offer Gospel-oriented suggestions for the resolution of these tensions. His insights and suggestions deserve the earnest consideration of churchmen who have an evangelical concern to foster the God-given tensions that lead to Christian growth and to work toward the elimination of the man-made tensions that are disruptive of the church's life and work.


Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion

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