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The Theologian's Craft

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Scientists are generally at a loss to know precisely what theologians do. Mailmen deliver letters; bartenders serve numerous varieties of firewater; otorhinolaryngologists concern themselves with throats, ears, and noses: but what exactly do theologians endeavor to accomplish? The aura of mystery surrounding theological activity troubles not merely the scientist, who generally has a clear-eyed view of his own professional function, but also the so-called "average man," who, though his awareness of his own role in life may be exceedingly vague, is even more troubled by the peculiarities of "religious" vocations. The wry comment of the parishioner, ''We take care of pastor in this life and he takes care of us in the next." well illustrates the gulf that, in general, seems to separate theological activity from the meaningful work of the world.


History of Christianity

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