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czech, slovakia, 16th century, bohemia, moravia, czechoslovakia, feudal, ferdinand, protestant reformation, utraquism, hussite, lutheran, lutheranism

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This article is concerned with the fate of Lutheranism in "Czechoslovakia" in the 17th century. I am using the somewhat anachronistic name "Czechoslovakia" for this area as a convenient symbol for both the Czech lands, that is, the crown lands of Bohemia, and the Slovak territory under Hungary. The Czech lands, often referred to also as the crown lands of St. Wenceslas, included Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia, and Lusatia. Slovakia on the other hand belonged to the Hungarian crown of St. Stephen ever since the Magyar invasion of the Danube valley in the 11th century. Thus in spite of the close cultural and ethnic ties, there was no political tie between the Czech lands and Slovakia except when a Bohemian king happened to wear the crown of St. Stephen also.


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