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historical interpretation, biblical, hermeneutical, dualism, exegesis, hermeneutics, st. paul

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The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod ought to have a special interest in hermeneutical questions. It is surely a great gift of God to our church that the authority of Scripture is for us still an unquestioned authority, that in all theological discussion in our midst it can be assumed that all participants are the '"humble readers" of whom Luther speaks, that each man '"trembles at the speech of God and continually cries, Teach me! Teach me!'" Of all church bodies we perhaps are, by the grace of God, the least corroded by the '"acids of modernity," the most "naive" in our holy fear of Scripture. We need not apologize for this naivete; Jesus' promise to the child holds for the interpreter of Scripture also; be who receives the word of the kingdom "as a child" shall inherit the kingdom.


Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion

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