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The Men of Cleveland

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schwan, zion lutheran church, cleveland, lindemann, wyneken, lutheran, ohio synod, mission, missouri synod, trinity lutheran church, fort wayne, hannover

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From the early history of our church in Cleveland three names emerge very prominently, namely, Heinrich Christian Schwan, his assistant Johann Christoph Wilhelm Lindemann, and Friedrich Conrad Dietrich Wyneken. The fact that within two decades these three leaders lived and labored in Cleveland called attention to the city and made of it an outpost alive in the consciousness and memory of our Synod. A short paragraph will be devoted to their immediate successors in Zion and Trinity congregations, pastors Carl Manthey Zorn and John H. Niemann, who were leaders in their own right; but in the main this paper is occupied with Schwan, Lindemann, and Wyneken. All three were born in Hannover, Germany, which invites the observation that while in Missouri we had men of Saxony and in Michigan men of Bavaria, here in Cleveland, Ohio, we had men of Hannover.


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