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Holy Spirit, fourth gospel, st. john, paraclete, resurrection, barrett, synoptic gospels, glorification, johannine

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Every student of the Bible knows the differences between the Synoptic Gospels on one hand and the Gospel of John on the other. It is the same Christ they portray. But the studied unity of conception, the composition, and the purpose of the Fourth Gospel catch the reader's attention as he turns to it from the Synoptic Gospels. It is the purpose of this paper to point our that one of the keys to the understanding of the Fourth Gospel is its major emphasis on the Holy Spirit. If we understand the nature, purpose, and function of the Holy Spirit in John's gospel, possibly we shall see more clearly wherein lies the peculiar nature of this gospel when compared with the Synoptists. At the same time an appreciation of the prominence of the work and role of the Spirit as a motif of the Johannine account will also help us to perceive a basic similarity and unity of outlook shared by St. John and the Synoptists.


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