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Our topic suggests that there is another use of the Holy Bible. This is the study of Holy Scripture which is traditionally associated with the discipline of theological seminaries and the work of Biblical scholars and ministers. Its technical term is exegesis and has as its task to get out of the sacred text what God put into it. To achieve its purpose an exegetical study of Scripture involves knowledge of the ancient tongues. Martin Luther had a high regard for that language study which had as its aim the understanding of the meaning of the Scripture. He said, "As dearly as we love the Gospel, so zealously we must cherish the languages, the Old Testament in Hebrew and the New Testament in the Greek." Besides a knowledge of the languages, exegetical work also requires acquaintance with archaeology, history, the questions concerning authorship and date of composition of the various books, and with related literature from extra-Biblical sources.


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Romans 3:28; Galatians 2:16; Acts 2:42; Acts 17:11;

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