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israel, promised land, book of joshua, jordan river, canaanites, moses, palestine, jericho, hazor, book of judges

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Many Old Testament scholars find two opposing views regarding the Israelite conquest of Canaan in the books of Joshua and Judges. In the former the 12 tribes are represented as achieving full possession of the Promised Land through a few swift victories resulting in immediate and full occupation. In the Book of Judges, on the other hand, the process is described as gradual, beset by many reverses, and incomplete for a long time. The first, it is said, is an idealized picture; the latter is more true to the facts.

It is the purpose of this study to examine these two accounts and to set forth their purpose as supplementary rather than contradictory.


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Joshua 6:1-8:29; Joshua 11:16-23; Joshua 12:7-24;

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