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Studies in Discipleship

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Jesus, messianic promises, kingdom, disciples, righteousness, repentance

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When Jesus said, "Follow Me," He was confiscating man for Himself. For that word applied to man with personal and inescapable urgency His call to repentance and His annunciation of the Kingdom come; it brought the gift and the claim of the Kingdom to bear on man. The whole Gospel of Matthew is simply the record of this process of progressive Messianic confiscation, the record of how Jesus shaped men in the mold of repentance (the Kingdom-imperative), of how the Christ created men in His image, Christian men. Matthew's record, with its rich reproduction of the words of Jesus, anything but a record of the pedagogy of Jesus.


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Matthew 4:17-7:29; Luke 2:25; Matthew 15:5; Psalm 37:11; Matthew 13:16-17; Matthew 24:26; Matthew 11:6; Isaiah 11:4; Isaiah 61:1-2; Jeremiah 23:5-6; Zechariah 9:10; Matthew 9:13; Matthew 12:7; Isaiah 9:6; Romans 8:17;

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