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When in 1855 Lehre und Wehre, the chief ancestor of the Concordia Theological Monthly, made its appearance, it could be compared to a vigorous youth who with his right hand held a loft the Bible and with his left the Confessions of the Lutheran Church. From the very beginning it was apparent to all readers that the editors conceived of their task as consisting in promulgating and defending, with all the theological apparatus and equipment available, "God's Word and Luther's doctrine pure.'' Month after month scholarly articles, pointed paragraphs on current religious happenings, and informing book reviews come before the public on its pages, and all testified that here there was a journal which meant in every respect to abide by the teachings of the Holy Scriptures and of the Lutheran Confessions collected in the Book of Concord of 1580. While undoubtedly on some points touching the nature and the policy of the new journal contemporary opinion was divided, it is difficult to see, as one pages through the early volumes, how there can have been any dissension on the position this journal meant to take and to maintain with respect to the Bible and the Lutheran Confessions.


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