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In the Epistle to the Hebrews Jesus Christ is declared to be "the same yesterday, today, and forever." Unlike our Master and Chief Shepherd, we, His underlings, are subject to time as we progress toward the world to come. The usual division of time into past, present, and future unites us all in common experience. There is a longer or shorter past for all age groups here represented, the same present to challenge us all, and a bright future for each one, whether he face dawn, noon, or dusk in life's little day.

When we say time affects us all, we have in mind another division of human time, namely, youth, middle age, and old age. In His vineyard, the church, God employs men of all three age brackets. There is a place, a "service station," if you please, for you and me in the kingdom of Christ regardless of relative youth or seniority. We who meet for this conference represent a cross-sectional group, including men in youth, in life's prime, and in ripe maturity. Though, with respect to age, as in the instance of St. Paul and Timothy, some of us could be fathers and sons to one another, we are in spirit brothers all. Therefore we have a message for all as we give the honor of Holy Scripture to God's ministers in the three age categories.


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1 Timothy 4:12; Jonah 14:7; Exodus 7:7;

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