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The Hymn and the Liturgy

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The Lutheran Church is a liturgical church. It is in the mainstream of Western Christianity and uses a clearly defined form of the Western Liturgy. The Lutheran Church is also a singing church. Born with it in the 16th century were hymns that are still favorites of Christians everywhere. Lutherans have always used their hymns in their public liturgical worship. They still do so today. There must therefore be a relationship between the hymn and the liturgy. The hymns ought to have the same goal as the liturgy and the liturgy as the hymns. Specifically the hymns used with the liturgy ought to be "liturgical hymns." Before we discuss in detail 'The Hymn and the Liturgy," we want to be sure that we understand our terms. Therefore we begin by defining the Liturgy, the hymn, and finally the liturgical hymn.


Liturgy and Worship

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