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D’ye think," asked Mr. Hennessey, "the college has much to do with the progress of the world?" - "D'ye think," parried Mr. Dooley, "it's the mill that makes the water run?" The stream of life in this old world goes steadily on, whether we have colleges or not. But the fact is, in spite of Mr. Dooley's skeptical cynicism, that the world would hardly be the same without them. These centers of human learning have played a major role in harnessing and developing the raw material of this world man, his mind, and his physical environment. Today especially these academic mills score high in the esteem and confidence of men and nations. The human family looks to them to grind out the answers on many subjects: science, agriculture, economics, education, politics, and so on. How now, Mr. Dooley? ‘Tis a large order! The stream keeps running on and growing wider. Surely 'tis yourself must be agreein' that these mills be very vital?!


Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion

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Psalm 8:4; John 8:24; John 14:6; John 7:15-16; Psalm 111:10;

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