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church council, unity, four adverbs, constantinople, emperor, eutyches, nicaea, theology, alexandria, antioch, ephesus

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For many years it has been fashionable to deprecate any and all attempts, whether past or present, at formulating Biblical truth. Theologians have belittled such efforts by pleading that propositional theology fails to capture and convey the recitatif of the kerygma; and philosophers of religion have contended that any undertaking which proposes to systematize revelation was and is foredoomed to failure because of the limitations and instability of human speech and language. As a consequence the prevailing mood in large areas of Christendom is one of pessimism toward all endeavors to work at the unity we seek by drawing up sets of theological propositions. This is accompanied by a spirit of indifference to formularies created in the past.


Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion

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