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The revival of the ancient religions of Asia is one of the most important factors in the international situation which has developed since World War II. It may be regarded as part of a current worldwide revival of religion, or, on the other hand, there may be some ground to think that the Asian development stimulated a world movement. Religion is now more important as a factor in national and international affairs than has been the case for many centuries. The Asian churchmen, in the book Christianity and the Asian Revolution, state: "Nationalism imparts a new interpretation to religion. Instead of being an isolated and insulated factor in people's lives, largely otherworldly and spiritual, religion is made a part of the this-worldly and secular force of nationalism." This is very true, but it is a statement made from a Western viewpoint, even if made by Asian Christians. Asian religion has always been "this-worldly," permeating the fabric of personal and communal life within the context of a world view which does not sharply separate the "natural" and the "supernatural." Nationalism may now strengthen religion, but revived religion equally strengthens nationalism.


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