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A New Lexicon

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This is not to be a review of the new lexicon -is there such a thing as a "new" lexicon? The survey of New Testament lexicography from 1522 to 1957 given by the editors of this lexicon in their Introduction (pp. v-viii) shows how relative the term "new" is in this connection; lexicographers stand strictly in a succession. Much less is this to be a critical review. We shall have to leave critical reviews to men who are less bound up with this work, emotionally and otherwise, than we of The Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod are. It is hardly to be expected that we can be strictly objective regarding this work, which is certainly one of the most significant ecumenical gestures ever to be made by our church. We could hardly have spelled out our allegiance to sola Scriptura more eloquently before men than in this way. And objectivity would be doubly difficult for us who stood close to Dr. Arndt, his colleagues, his students, his host of friends. Our grief at his recent departure is still too fresh to permit an objective, critical judgment on this last work of his, even though we know that he has gone into that bright realm where all God's golden words are bright with a more than lexical light and all their significance is fully and forever clear.


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