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Papyrus Sixty-Six

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The Arabs who came across some fifty rolls of papyrus in the Fayum district of Egypt, back in 1778, burned them because they could find no purchasers and because they gave forth a sweet aromatic smell as they were consumed by fire. Only one roll escaped this tragic fate and was published as the Charta Borgiana, containing an account of the labors of the peasants along the Nile at Arsinoe for the year A. D. 191-192. It was not until 1889 to 1890, less than seventy-five years ago, that a beginning was made in the systematic exploration and study of the literary fragments found for the most part in the rubbish heaps of Egypt.


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Matthew 7:3-5; John 1:1-6:11; John 6:35b-14:15;

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