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The religious scene in America presents a bewildering spectacle of about 250 religious groups maintaining a separate and often precarious existence. This multiplicity of denominations, sects, and sectlets, segregated not only by deep and basic doctrinal cleavage but all too often also by merely peripheral and even meaningless differences, is extremely confusing to a thoughtful observer. Even worse, the disunity of churches, all of which claim some relation to Christ and His Word, is bound to be a sore scandal. At first glance this ecclesiastical fragmentation seems to defy intelligent and intelligible analysis. A little stirring beneath the surface, however, reveals that there are really only a few fundamentally different themes in religion which recur over and over with slight variations and usually lead to the same refrain. After all, the possibilities from a Christian point of view are limited, as may be demonstrated by several basic doctrines.


Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion

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