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A Study of Hebrews 6:4-8

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repentance, faith, sin, christian church, baptism, davidson, death

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The close relationship between "tasting the good Word of God" and "the powers of the age to come" is quite evident. The reason is, perhaps, as Davidson maintains, that the consummate blessings of these powers lie in the future. Therefore, by necessity, they must be "combined with the good word of promise." That is undoubtedly true. In addition, one might say that this "good word of promise" is itself that very power by which God establishes communion with men and thereby projects the blessings of that which is to come into that which now is. Cf. Rom. 1:16.


Biblical Studies

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Hebrews 6:4-8; Romans 1:16; Ezekiel 14:13; Ezekiel 15:8; Ezekiel 18:24; Ezekiel 20:27; 2 Chronicles 26:18; 2 Chronicles 28:19; 2 Chronicles 29:6; 2 Chronicles 30:7;

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