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covenant, relationship, israel, idolatry, marriage, whoring, moses, egypt

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A very rewarding searching of Scripture consists in pursuing a certain theme through all its pages, such as the topic of this paper. Tracing the references to marriage in the Bible as a type of God's relationship to His people leads to a new understanding of the beauties of God's Word. It reveals anew God's overwhelming love for the sinner. It strengthens faith in the testimony of all of Scripture of Jesus as Very God of Very God. It leads the believer to confess more earnestly: "I believe in the holy Christian Church, the communion of saints," the bride of Christ. It increases his love for God's Book.


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Genesis 2:18; Genesis 2:24; Genesis 1:28; Jeremiah 7:34; Jeremiah 16:9; Jeremiah 25:10; Jeremiah 33:11; Jeremiah 31:31-32; Numbers 10:11; Exodus 34:15-16; Leviticus 17:7; Leviticus 20:5-6; Numbers 15:39; Numbers 14:33; Deuteronomy 31:16; Judges 2:17;

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