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Cranmer's Legacy

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cranmer, henry viii, archbishop, foxe, oxford, england, latimer, martyrs, ridley, catechism

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At Oxford in the nineteenth century at the height of the Tractarian Movement, the Evangelicals believed that the Tractarians had shown themselves opposed to the principles of the Reformation. Partially to counteract this movement a proposal was made to erect a memorial to the Reformation martyrs. Cranmer, Latimer, and Ridley- the three men who had been burnt opposite Balliol College -were to be honored especially. Latimer and Ridley had died together there on October 16, 1555. Five months later, on the 21st of March, 1556, "in the same place where Ridley and Latimer had suffered," Thomas Cranmer was burnt. The proposed memorial to these men was oversubscribed. Designed by Sir Gilbert Scot, it still stands today near St. Mary Magdalene's Church as a testimony of the faith of these martyrs. Thus, in the minds of some, Oxford University reaffirmed the historic Protestantism of the Church of England and of the University.


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