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Having in 1947 observed the centennial of our dear Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, we can in 1955 recall that 100 years have elapsed since Lehre und Wehre, our first theological journal, was called into being. As all students of American Lutheran church history know, Lehre und Wehre was not the first paper or journal published by our church. That honor goes to Der Lutheraner, which C. F. W. Walther, supported by several other pastors in Missouri and Illinois and by his congregation, founded in 1844. If anything required faith and courage, it was the issuing of this biweekly, because for its support only the most meager resources were available and there was no reason to anticipate that it would receive a wide welcome. Its watchword, "God's Word and Luther's doctrine pure shall now and evermore endure," was, as the history of the times amply shows, far from promising to capture the aura popularis. The paper, however, was able to maintain itself and its undaunted testimony for the old truth won for it many friends beyond St. Louis and vicinity. When the Missouri Synod was founded, it adopted this paper as its official organ. (Cf. the first Synodical Report, pp. 7 f.)


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