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John the Baptist at the dawning of the new age, the coming of the Kingdom, called men away from ties of home, nation, Temple, and cultus into the desert, to meet there the God who was with Israel before Israel had a home, a national life, a Temple, and a cultus. The repentance which he preached was a great act of detachment. Likewise Jesus detached His disciples from the traditional standards of clean and unclean, pointed to Himself as greater than the Temple, and promised to build His ’εχχληοι̇α, His people of God, as inheritor of Israel's promise but detached from Israel's standards and Israel's fate. And Jesus put the world's first, daily bread, into fourth place in the prayer which He taught us to pray. Even the hallowed ties of family could not bind if they held a man from Jesus. So radical was the detachment He demanded and gave. (Luke 14:25-35.)


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Luke 14:25-35; 1 Thessalonians 5:4; Matthew 13:22;

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