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law & gospel, old testament, judgment, mercy, amos, israel, jeremiah, sin, grace, hosea, micah, revelation, covenant, deliverance

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In treating this topic the writer purposes to approach his task neither from the systematic, nor from the historical, nor from the practical point of view. He intends to let the Scriptures of the Old Testament speak for themselves. In fact, he will restrict the scope of his work by directing the reader's attention not to the entire Old Testament, but rather chiefly to the Prophets and Psalms; not to all the Prophets and poets, but chiefly to the Prophets of the eighth and seventh centuries B. C. and to those poets who sing especially about God's judgment and grace.


Practical Theology

Scripture References in this Resource (separated by semi-colons)

Isaiah 2:3; Jeremiah 31:33; Jeremiah 20:9; Isaiah 55:10-11; Hosea 9:15; Hosea 11:1; Hosea 11:8-9; Jeremiah 32:42; Jeremiah 1:9-10; Micah 5:7-8; Amos 5:18; Isaiah 2:12; Isaiah 63:4; Isaiah 61:2; Psalm 30:5; Isaiah 54:8; Amos 3:2; Amos 9:7; Hosea 4:1;

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