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Neurosis is one of the most common forms of behavior abnormality. The easy explanation which placed the blame on heredity is losing ground. Recent studies show that environmental strains and pressures as well as unfavorable childhood experiences are receiving greater emphasis as causative factors. Most people are unaware of the nature of their conflict. They only know the symptoms: frustration, unhappiness, obsessions, strange compulsions, fears that they cannot account for, ailments that seem to have no physical basis. In most cases these emotional difficulties do not stop people from doing their work nor from carrying on their social activities. Yet they need help in the form of counseling. If they can be led to resolve their emotional conflicts, they will be freed of tension and can overcome their frustration and other emotional symptoms and be restored to a state of health.


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1 Samuel 15:15; Psalm 32:3-4; 2 Timothy 1:17; Proverbs 29:15;

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