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The Order of Matins

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The corporate worship of the Christian Church has always been associated with certain forms. The spirit of worship, of communion with God, in all ages has expressed itself in the use of various forms and orders of worship. It is, however, a fact that there are many who use these forms of worship with a great lack of appreciation or understanding. Often the so-called minor forms of worship are rejected. This negative attitude toward forms of worship may quite frequently be due to the gross mutilation of the pure forms. A negative attitude toward Matins may also be due to its use in a partial and piecemeal manner or to a continued faithfulness to tradition, which brings with it the danger of those forms appearing to us as something out of date, as forms that are alien and lifeless.


Liturgy and Worship

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Psalm 01:15; Psalm 70:1; Ephesians 3:21; Philippians 4:20; Revelation 1:6; Romans 16:27; Psalm 95:1-7;

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