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president, louis j. sieck, D. D.

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The late president of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Mo., has gone to his heavenly rest. Therewith he joins the ranks of the theologians of the Church whom it remembers with honor. Throughout his life it seemed as though Doctor Sieck was not destined for the role of theologian in the professional sense of the term. After an assistantship of one year to the late President of the Missouri Synod, Dr. F. Pfotenhauer, at Hamburg, Minn., Louis J. Sieck became assistant pastor at Zion Lutheran Church in St. Louis, beginning in 1905, and pastor after 1914. A large and active congregation situated close to the business district of the city, this parish demanded incessant activity in the various domains of parish administration - management of plant and school, fund-raising, training for leadership of the laity.


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