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There are several reasons that suggest the truce of Passau as a subject for special consideration at the present time. One is, of course, the date. Since 1883 we have followed up the great outstanding events in Reformation history by church-wide celebrations, beginning with Luther's birth and ending, in 1946, with Luther's death. But several events following Luther's death were to be of immense importance to the Lutheran Church; one of them is the Schmalkaldic War, ending in the truce of Passau, 1552, and the Religious Peace of Augsburg. 1555. - Another reason: We have seen a veritable flood of books on Luther and the Reformation appearing on the market in late years. In most of them this last period of Reformation history is rapidly passed over. Some of them even stop with Worms, 1521. Is there something significant in this? Up to Worms Luther is every man's hero - then the defection begins; one faction after the other deserts him as it becomes evident what kind of a reformation he initiates.


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