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sin, old testament, israel, disobedience, jeremiah, violation

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The aim of the present study is to survey in a general way what the Old Testament teaches concerning sin. That the Old Testament presents an authentic historical account of the origin of sin has long been regarded as pre-eminently important by the Church. The realistic way in which the Old Testament depicts the tyrannical power of sin among men, and especially in the history of God's people, has also been recognized as an important phase of Old Testament revelation. In our circles, however, not much thought has been given to a systematic study of what the Old Testament as a whole has to say about sin. That is true despite the fact that the concept of sin is elucidated by many significant pictures and comparisons that are peculiar to the Old Testament. Therefore it is felt that such a study is not only desirable, but really necessary for a thorough understanding of the nature of sin. The Old Testament concept of sin will be considered in three sections. In the first section some of the outstanding characteristics of sin will be noted. Secondly, attention will be given to the various classes of sin that are described in the Old Testament. The third section will have to do with the cause of sin and its effect upon the life of man.


Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion

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