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As is universally admitted, German scholars are ingenious and versatile. Not only are their minds fertile in the invention of new theories, but if no new hypothesis can be found, the old ones are brought out of the closet, dusted, and supplied with novel labels. This latter phenomenon definitely is witnessed in the rise of the de-mythologizing theory, which, we are told, is a chief topic of discussion among theologians in Germany and other parts of Europe just now. A visitor from Germany recently remarked that the succession of engrossing novelties in the theological market is noteworthy and that the lack of stability and permanence of new offerings had to be heartening for all lovers of the old Gospel. He elaborated this thesis by pointing to the eminence that until recently was enjoyed by Karl Barth in the thinking and debates of theologians and which, he said, is now supplanted by the excitement caused by the Entmythologisierung" theory of Rudolf Bultmann.


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2 Peter 1:16;

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