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The manifest turmoil and unrest of these latter days-atheistic Communism, idolatrous materialism, Iron Curtain barbarism, A-bomb fears, and now the "H" - are but a coarser outburst, a more inflamed symptom, of the fundamental problem of all centuries - "How can man in sin overcome his separation from God?” "How can man conquer death which without Christ makes this separation from God forever painful and forever permanent?" All mankind - also those who call themselves Buddhists - face this inescapable problem - the problem of death. Like all mankind, so also the Buddhists, though in a more comprehensive and attractive manner than some, have adorned themselves with fig leaves of human reason and good works, and behind the trees and bushes of borrowed, mutilated, as well as prefabricated theological and non-theological concepts, have tried to hide themselves from that penetrating voice of the Lord God, who is still walking in the spoiled Eden of this world, and is still calling from the pages of Genesis 3 with the words: "Adam, where art thou?" bringing to mind those terrible and unforgettable words: 'Thou shalt surely die!"


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