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As the old year departs and 1949 enters, we lift up our eyes to the hills whence cometh our help. It seems doubtful that the world situation will improve materially during the twelve months that lie ahead; that the war clouds which still cast their gloom over the globe will be dispersed; that true peace will again unite the nations in amity and concord; that the state of virtual slavery, the horrible privations and destitution which crush vast multitudes in Europe and Asia will be ended; and that we can again eat our meals without thinking with a start of the starving, helpless, displaced persons roaming about by the millions in areas where they are not wanted. Nor does there appear to exist a sound basis for the hope that a moral reformation will set in now that another series of large religious gatherings has been held; that purity and decency will become the watchword of our country's population; and that the crime waves will lose their frightening extent and power. But we know that the destinies of the nations as well as those of all individuals are in the hands of the Keeper of Israel, who neither slumbers nor sleeps and who has given us the promise that all things shall work together for good to them that love God. In His name we cross the threshold of the new year, trusting that His power will avert whatever is inimical to our highest interests.


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