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Paul as Citizen

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st. paul, citizen, tarsus, greek, roman, civic

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Does the subject need on apology Paul stands before us as the evangelizer of the Greco-Roman world, the greatest missionary that ever lived, as the preacher of righteousness by faith, as the great champion of the doctrine of grace, as the inspired penman of a great part of our New Testament, and to treat of him in the role of citizen might seem a descent from the sublime to the commonplace. But there are passages in the Bible in which he is depicted in this role. You cannot ignore them; they are there for a purpose and certainly must receive some attention. Besides, there is the important consideration that a study of Paul's life from this particular point of view may help to throw some light on the New Testament and aid in grasping its full import.


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Acts 22:23-29; 2 Corinthians 11:22; Acts 13:9;

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