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allegory, story, covenant language, st. paul, preacher, allegorical preaching

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In discussing this subject, I am well aware that I am not plowing in virgin soil, but merely following the furrows of various width and depth made by Lutheran theologians ever since the days of the Reformation. Allegorical interpretation has been a big theme in books of the prominent leaders of our ·church on dogmatics and hermeneutics. Our own fathers looked into its status and merits, as several synodical reports and various books of Dr. Walther testify. Hence it is an old matter that we are here subjecting to scrutiny. But it will appear, I think, that its consideration, even in so practical, matter-of-fact, superficial an age as ours, which has no time to waste on allegories, types, and symbols, will not be superfluous. We are to-day intending to approach the subject of allegorical interpretation especially from the point of view of the preacher.


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Galatians 4:24; Genesis 17:13-14; Luke 4:23; Matthew 15:15; Exodus 12:15-17; 1 Corinthians 5:7; Isaiah 23:11; Psalm 110:4;

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