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The Nature and Constitution of Sacred Theology.

The Two Sources (Principia Cognoscendi) of the Existing Religions.

As we have seen, there are but two essentially different religions, the religion of faith, or of the Gospel, and the religion of works, or of the Law. So also there are but two actual sources (principia cognoscendi, principles of knowledge) from which these two divergent religions are taken. The religion of works is of human origin; it is a man-made religion, having its source and origin in the human heart, in which God has inscribed His divine Law, so that also the heathen, who have not the Word of God as aet forth in Holy Scripture, know “the judgments of God"; Rom. 2, 15: "which show the work of the Law written in their hearts"; 1, 32: "who, knowing the judgment of God."


Practical Theology

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