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The Scriptural Viewpoint of the Christian Theologian.

Owing to the diverse views and tendencies prevailing among theologians to-day, it is necessary for the Christian theologian, before presenting to his readers his dogmatic treatise, to declare in clear and unmistakable terms from what viewpoint this has been written.

The viewpoint of the present-day modernistic theologian is that truth must be determined by human reason in the light of scientific research. The theological Liberalist therefore does not recognize Holy Scripture as the source and norm of faith, but bolds that this ancient standard of the Christian Church has been superseded by the standards of reason and philosophy set up by himself. From this viewpoint his dogmatic treatise is written,· and since this viewpoint is anti-Scriptural and unchristian, it follows that his whole theology is rationalistic, naturalistic, and diametrically opposed to the Word of God.


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