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Luther possessed a versatile genius of surprising fertility. His university training had been almost entirely in the field of the humanities and in philosophy, and he had taken up theology only while acting as instructor at the universities of Wittenberg and of Erfurt; and yet he became one of the most profound theologians of the entire Christian era. He was no philologian, and yet he was able, chiefly on the basis of the most intensive form of home training, to present some of the most thorough linguistic discussions, in Greek and Hebrew as well as in Latin and German, which the period of the Reformation produced. He was no dogmatician in the present sense of the term; yet some of the clearest doctrinal expositions that have ever been printed issued from his pen. He was no political economist. and yet his statements pertaining to problems of this kind have not been excelled to this day. He was no trained educator, and yet his educational classics have given him a place in the front ranks of the foremost educators of all times.


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