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Essays in Hermeneutics

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"Holy men of God spake as they were moved by, the Holy Ghost." Heretofore, in the circle of language and in the circle of history, we have been concentrating on the fact that "men ... spake," on the fact that God the Holy Ghost spoke in tongues in definite moments in history. We have been, therefore, concerned largely with the skills and techniques of interpretation. In the circle of Scripture we pass from skills and techniques to what is rather an attitude, a gift of God, a charisma to be prayed for. For we are now concerned with the fact that what was spoken by men in times past was uniquely spoken; that these men spoke as "men of God," as men "moved by the Holy Ghost." We are concerned with that aspect of the Bible which makes it different from all other texts, however much it may, linguistically and historically considered, have in common with them; upon the fact that it is the Word of God, not only the record of God's revelation of Himself, but the continuation of it; that here God not only spoke through men, but speaks.


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Galatians 4:21-31;

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