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"Ezekiel is the strangest figure in the goodly fellowship of the prophets . . . probably no book of the Old Testament is as little read as his, and it may well be the least popular, as it is the least known of the Old Testament." This is the verdict on the Book of Ezekiel in the most recent book on the Prophets of the Old Testament. It may comfort the modern Bible student to know that it has troubled the exegetes, Jewish and Christian, through the centuries. Luther quotes Jerome as saying that the early rabbis considered its contents so profound and vexing that they decreed that no one should study the beginning and the end of the book before he had reached the age of thirty. Jerome himself considered it the most difficult of the Holy Scriptures and spoke of it as an "ocean of divine mysteries." He needed the encouragement of his friend Eustochius to undertake the interpretation of the "labyrinth" which he found especially in the second part, chaps. 40--48.


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Ezekiel 1:16; 2 Samuel 10:5; 2 Kings 25:10-16; Daniel 1:1; Ezekiel 1:2; Ezekiel 29:17; Ezekiel 24:16; Ezekiel 11:13 ff; Ezekiel 11:18; Ezekiel 33:10;

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