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This discourse is taken from a two-volume collection of sermons of Luther which has the title: Predigten D. Martin Luthers auf Grund von Nachschriften Georg Roerers und Anton Lauterbachs, bearbeitet von Geog Buchwald. The volumes appeared in 1925 and 1926, respectively, in the publishing house of C. Bertelsmann, Guetersloh. In the fascinating introduction Dr. Buchwald, an eminent Luther scholar, points out that the sermons of Luther published in the old editions of the Heuspostille are unsatisfactory on account of the editing process to which they were subjected. As is well known, they were not written by Luther; the notes of people who heard him had to be relied on. These notes were expanded when they were published. Using the Original notes of Roerer and Lauterbach for those sermons which they heard jointly, Dr. Buchwald has succeeded in submitting a number of discourses of the Reformer in a form which approximates the actual presentation more than that found in the postils commonly circulated. The years covered in these sermons are 1528-1532. The discourses here translated was preached June 4, 1531, and is printed in Volume II of the collection, pp. 352 ff. Luther apparently did not use a special text. It is evident that he had in mind as Scriptural basis chiefly the baptismal formula, Matt.28:19, and John 5:21 and Rom. 8:11. That he uses the Creed as if it were a prooftext is due to his conviction that it represents. the pure Apostolic doctrine.


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